Rising star Ryan Ofei has firmly established himself in the contemporary Christian music scene, captivating audiences with his soul-stirring vocals and profound lyricism. As a member of the multi-GRAMMY award-winning collective Maverick City Music, Ofei has solidified his reputation as a moving performer and spirit-led artist. Outside of his ground-breaking work with Maverick City Music, Ofei has a blossoming solo career, with a unique blend of his many musical and cultural influences.

In 2019, Ofei made his solo debut with the release of two powerful singles, “No Limits” and “Jehova,” paving the way for his much-anticipated debut solo project, “David’s Heart.” The project, released later that year, showcased Ofei’s raw talent and deeply emotive storytelling, captivating audiences and earning him accolades from fans and critics alike.

However, it was during the pandemic that Ofei’s journey took a remarkable turn. While attending a virtual writing camp, fate intervened as he caught the attention of none other than Maverick City Music founders, Jonathan Jay and Tony Brown.

Ofei’s association with Maverick City Music marked a turning point in his career. He made an unforgettable debut on their 2021 album “Jubilee” with a mesmerising performance of “Blood is Still the Blood.” The world took notice of his powerhouse vocals and his ability to infuse each note with raw emotion. His journey with Maverick City Music continued with “Keep Praying” on the GRAMMY-nominated album “Jubilee: Juneteenth Edition,” further solidifying his presence in the contemporary Christian music landscape.

He now turns into 2023 with brand new EP, ‘Celebrate’, a 4-track exploration that embodies Ofei’s artistry and sonic direction. Alongside empowering singles ‘Daily’ and ‘Abba’, the title track ‘Celebrate’ is a song all about a tragic and potential life-ending car accident that happened on Ryan’s 18th birthday.

Sonically, this track seems to delve away from Ryan’s renowned and soul-stirring sound, and instead moves into a soothing alternative R&B sphere, with his voice and melodic prowess once again taking centre stage. ‘Feels like freedom’ is the lyric which instils that notion of being free and celebrating the joy that life ensues.

Created with a team of producers that includes Jordon Manswell and Kofo, they expanded Ryan’s musical horizons, in a song where he truly feels at peace with himself. It’s dynamic and expands the frontiers of Christian music, and Ryan Ofei is leading the way in this genre, blending subtle and luscious nuances of other genres to create a truly resonating sound that captures the spirit and imagination of his craft.

“‘Celebrate’ is the first song we made in the sessions for my upcoming album. I started writing it with some of my friends in Ottawa and then we finished it at a writing camp in Toronto. It was an eye-opening experience for me because the producers in the room – Jordon Manswell, Kofo and the crew, took me to a new space sonically. I’m singing about the freedom that I experience by walking in my faith but doing it in a way that feels raw and authentic.”

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