Nashville, TN (October 10, 2019)
Christian rock band Rusty Shipp has released a new single and video from it’s upcoming new album, Liquid Exorcist.

“Detonator” continues the bands nautical, hard surf rock theme with a fun new lyric video.

Watch the lyric video for “Detonator” here:

“Detonator” Lyrics:
Detonate the mines, happens right on time, it might just blow your mind clean off
Only time will tell, swimming on egg shells, the ocean holds its breath for it to go off

I don’t feel the fire only healing from the light
Raptured from the shrapnel in the twinkling of an eye
Jesus wasn’t kidding when he said the end was near
Like a thief in the night I’ll disappear

Halt, put your weapons down, down underground
Until they can’t be found anymore
It’s a forgotten war, minefields on the shore, detonating long after the war’s over

Disconnect the wires, before we all expire, but the water is turning into fire now Everybody down, the bombs have stopped their ticking sound, five seconds till Heaven’s all around 

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