Los Angeles, CA (May, 2021)
Run51 is proud to announce the release of it new album, Hymns Vol. 1. The album is a collection of historic hymns revisited by the group’s vision and production to bring forth a newer version of the classic songs. The album was produced by Jeremy “JGreen” Green and features an assortment of guest artists including Maya Moore, Carter Brown, Felipe Assis, James White, and Reza Zadeh. The album is also available on Apple as an eMix bundle which features several music videos to accompany the album. The group shares what the album means to them.

“The ageless melodies have the potential to lift our spirits when life seems overwhelming, disorienting and confusing. The powerful truths of scripture revealed in these songs give us an elevated view of who God is and bow our hearts before a Holy God. There is immeasurable power in going back in history and tethering ourselves to the faith of those who have come before us.”

The Run51 Hymn project will open your heart back up to these ancient songs in a way that only Run51 can. The melodies are accompanied with short powerful teachings from influential teachers that have the ability to apply the words and truths of each song to everyday life.

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