Emerging artist Hozea, hailing from Denver, Colorado, is set to make waves in the music industry with the release of his new single, “I Can’t Stay,” featuring Billboard artist Chris Cron. Known for his versatility as a brand ambassador, actor, and music artist, Hozea has crafted a unique style that distinguishes him from his peers.

Hozea’s journey in the entertainment industry is marked by numerous high-profile appearances at award shows including the BET Awards, MTV Awards, Grammys, and NAACP Awards. His recent feature on a Times Square billboard underscores his rising prominence. With his latest single “I Can’t Stay,” Hozea showcases his commitment to creating music that reflects his faith and dedication to Christ.

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“I Can’t Stay” is a powerful Christian/Pop anthem featuring Chris Cron, a member of the group Neon Feather. The song is a testament to Hozea’s transformation from secular music to a Christ-centered artistic expression. Hozea’s heartfelt lyrics and Cron’s melodic contributions make this single a compelling listen for audiences of all backgrounds.

Lyrics Excerpt from “I Can’t Stay”:

Chorus: I wake up every morning, Gotta praise the Lord cause he’s in my heart
I can’t turn my back on him ‘Cause he’s the light in the darkness
I’m in love with Jehovah he’s got a lock on my soul
I wanna hold your hand my Jesus And I don’t wanna let you go
I cannot stay if I can’t be with You Lord
I cannot stay if I can’t have You in my heart
I cannot stay if I can’t give you all the glory
I cannot stay physically
I cannot stay if I can’t be with you God
I cannot stay if I can’t have you wholly
I cannot stay if I can’t have you in my soul
I cannot stay spiritually

Hozea’s Verse: We gotta stay close to Jesus Like Simon did
Can’t turn my back on him like Judas did
I wake up every morning to Praise him
You can do the same too
We gotta read the Bible Learn the word
And pray and stop worshiping other idols
Remember if Jesus comes Knocking at your door
You gotta let him in Because he’s here to rescue
Protect us And save us from all our sins
So we gotta forget Forgive And love And repent
God works miracles
I remember I could’ve died And killed my brother in a bad car accident
But God sent an angel down to save us and heal us
And that’s why God got a lock on my soul


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