The fires in California recently forced Rebecca St. James to evacuate her home. Fortunately, the fire skirted her house and it was spared. She shared this update on Facebook: 

“Hi everyone, We’ve received an update from Rebecca: A tree in our front yard was burnt and a water pipe burst, but our house is ok! Sounds like the fire came right to our back fence. It’s a total miracle cause the wind changed right when the fires were about to take over our house. You can see the proof when you look at where the fire stopped, 3 feet from our back fence. The fire was a 2-3 story wall of flame, only meters away from our home! Apparently a few of our neighbors stayed to help fight the fire, which is a big reason why most of the houses on our street were saved. Unfortunately our neighbors three doors away lost their house, so please keep praying for that family. Thanks to you all for your prayers. They are greatly appreciated! -RSJ Team”


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