Earlier this week, Rapture Ruckus and its front man Brad Dring, appealed to fans to help the band raise support for their upcoming music video for “Mr. Roboto,” featured on their album Invader: Vol. 2. In a unique twist, the band is actually not drumming up support for the endeavor via crowd funding sites like Kickstarter or IndieGoGo, but instead, are asking fans to purchase unique and special items in their online merch store, with all proceeds going toward the production of the video.

Well, CCM Magazine likes their idea, so we’re inviting all of you to take part! Thank you, CCM readers, for supporting Christian music, its potential impact through various forms of media, and for buying your loved ones Christian Christmas gifts this year! CLICK HERE to check out Rapture Ruckus gifts, in support of the “Mr. Roboto” video.

Of course, for even more Christmas gift ideas, please check out our 2015 Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide!

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