Christian music singer-songwriter Rachael Nemiroff has released a new visualizer for her latest single, ‘SOS

“I wrote S.O.S. around this time last year with my friends Nick Schwarz and Matt Armstrong. I had just come out of a difficult time in my life and felt like things were finally lifted and lighter. I won’t ever forget that time in my life when things felt so dark, like I couldn’t see a way out. I wanted to write a song that could be an encouragement to anyone who may really be going through it right now and feels like giving. As well as remind them that they are seen, God hears their cries, and it won’t stay this way forever – to not give up.”

I also wanted to release this visualizer on World Suicide Prevention Day (Saturday Sept 10th). A lot of people are suffering in silence and feel as though there’s no way out than to end things. I hope this song can speak to someone and remind them it’s okay to reach out for help.” —Rachael Nemiroff

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