Nashville, TN (July 22, 2019)
Reflection Music Group artist Quinten Coblentz has released his newest single, “We.” “We” is available everywhere now.

People go through different seasons, have different struggles, and chase different goals. Yet at the core, we share so many of the same needs, desires, and fears. Our horizontal relationships can bring great happiness, but also pain.

“We” is a project that explores some different aspects of these horizontal relationships, drawing subtle connections to the vertical relationship we all need with God. The project touches on topics like isolation, distrust, confidence, romantic love, peer pressure, depression, depravity, and redemption, while delivering a mix of upbeat hip-pop, subtle EDM layers, and mellowed, emotional vibes.

Quinten Coblentz – We (Official Audio)

“We” Lyrics
Everyone’s been wrong
And tried to shift the blame
Everyone’s been hurt
And tried to hide the pain

Everyone’s afraid
Of coming to the end
But everyone who breaks
Can start over again

Verse 1:
Yeah, we all got something to say
But nothing that wipes it away
All of the blood on our hands
Like we crucified Him today

We all got dirt in our eyes
We all got nowhere to hide
We got nobody to blame
We become what we decide

I know we got so far
Away from the start
Embracing a lie
That’s breaking our hearts

If we are alive
We better know why
If we are alive, we better know why
We better know why
(We better know why)

Verse 3:
You think you’re different
That nobody gets it
They doing better
And you just keep drifting

But we’re in the same boat
And we know it’s sinking
There’s death in the water
That everyone’s drinking

We’re made in His image
But it’s so distorted
Can nobody fix it?
Can no one restore it?

Is this all that’s left of
The children of Eden?
You think it’s hopeless
But I don’t believe it
No, I don’t believe it
(No, I don’t believe it)

Bridge 1:
No, you can’t tell me this is it
We’ve fallen far but can’t forget
There’s a Way, there is Truth
There is Life, we can find
Arms open wide


Bridge 2:
We are fallen; we are broken
You’re the One we put our hope in

Jesus, Jesus

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