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As the annual Planetshakers Conference draws to a close for 2018—of which the last two days (Apr. 6 & 7) can be viewed live on Daystar Television Network by CLICKING HERE—it marks just the beginning for a round of new music to release from the world renown organization known as Planetshakers (which includes the Planetshakers Band with Planetshakers Church roots in Melbourne, Australia and campus locations in South Africa, Singapore, and the United States).

Releasing today, their brand new EP, Heaven On Earth, Part 1 (buy), was recorded live at Planetshakers’ regional conferences in Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. The EP captures the heart and dynamic praise of Planetshakers Band along with tens of thousands of worshippers. Additionally, CCM Magazine partners with Planetshakers today to exclusively launch four new videos—which put stunning visuals to those very dynamics—to a US-based audience. “There Is No One Like You,” “Above All Names,” “The Greatest,” and “Not Alone,” all songs featured on the new EP, offering an energetic and up-close glimpse into all angles of a Planetshakers praise experience.

“While worship and praise can simultaneously co-exist, they are not synonymous,” says Russell Evans, Senior Pastor of Planetshakers Church. “Where true worship of God is essentially a matter of the heart and spirit rooted in the knowledge of the Word of God, praise is the outward expression of what is in the heart. With Heaven On Earth Part 1, Planetshakers joyously praises the One we worship and invites God’s presence on Earth, longing for Him to establish his Kingdom here, as it is in Heaven.”

The four-song, nearly 24-minute Heaven On Earth Part 1 is a tangible, intentional expression of worshippers collectively pursuing the presence of God, all led by Planetshakers’ worship leaders Sam Evans, Joth Hunt (who also produced and mixed the EP), BJ Pridham, Chelsi Nikkerud and a full team of musicians, dancers and more. The EP and live videos capture the gathering’s “praise-party” atmosphere seasoned with singing, dancing and shouts of praise.

Everywhere Planetshakers traveled in Asia, they found a passionate hunger for worship and an unmatched boldness in praise and longing for God’s Kingdom to be established. Even in areas where promoters cautioned Planetshakers not to go, suggesting that people might attend a concert but not a full conference, people turned out in droves.


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