Nashville, TN (July 23, 2020)
One Church Music has released it’s first new single, “The Answer is Jesus,” since 2017’s Victors EP. “The Answer is Jesus,” features an insanely catchy hook, not to mention the timely message that Jesus IS indeed the answer to all of our questions, all of our doubts and all of our pain.

“Using music to unite us” is more than just a slogan to One Church Music. Years before the current civil rights movement entered mainstream media, One Church has been intentionally building a multicultural church and in turn, a multicultural worship team. From the songs they choose to lead on the weekends, to the songs they’re creating together, you’ll experience a beautiful, diverse blend of styles.

The team’s leadership prides itself on balancing the drive to be excellent without demanding perfectionism—acknowledging that the most important thing they do is to bring a genuine offering of worship.


“The Answer is Jesus” Lyrics:

Verse 1
Whatever the question
The answer is Jesus
No need to worry
The answer is Jesus

You give me life my life’s in your hand
Whatever comes next no I won’t be afraid
You stand beside me wherever I am
You hear me call when I call on your name

The Answer is Jesus Jesus Jesus
The Answer is Jesus Jesus Jesus
The Answer is Jesus Jesus Jesus
The Answer is Jesus, Jesus

Verse 2
You hold the future
You’ve already been there
So Lord I will follow
With hope for tomorrow

In every season
You are the reason
I’ll say yes Lord to you Jesus
No hesitation
Through my tribulation
I’ll say yes lord to you Jesus

I’ll say Yes Lord, yes Lord
Yes Lord to you Jesus
I’ll say Yes lord, yes Lord
yes Lord to you Jesus


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