Nashville, TN (June 1, 2020)
North Point Worship, known for worship anthems like “Death Was Arrested,” “Abundantly More” and “Love Come Down,”  has released the double-sided single “Hallelujah (Why We Sing)” featuring Clay Finnesand and “O What A Miracle” featuring Seth Condrey. The songs are available now at Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Google Play, Amazon Music and iTunes.

“Lately, I’ve sensed a need in myself to strip back all the noise and get to the basics: I want to bless God for who He is and what He is doing. In those moments, all I can say is Hallelujah!” confesses Finnesand reflecting on the new single he leads. “I hope the church is a place where the eternally enduring praise of God can ring out in a powerfully simple and unchanging way.

“Our aim with this song is that the Gospel would be front and center, and that anyone who hears it would respond to God’s gentle invitation to receive what He’s done and thank Him for it,” continues Finnesand.

The Gospel story is similarly prominent in the Condrey-led “O What A Miracle.” It is a song “inspired by just thinking about the Gospel story, thinking about Jesus, and specifically a scene that I love in Scripture where the cousin of Jesus, John the Baptist, turns to his followers and points them to the Messiah saying, ‘Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world’,” shares Condrey. “And one calling that we have as worship leaders, pastors and believers, is to take that same spirit that John the Baptist had and point people to Jesus, saying ‘behold the Lamb of God, He’s the one that you need to be following and trusting in.’”

North Point Worship, part of North Point Ministries global network of more than 90 partner churches, releases songs organically sown in the local church and written, recorded and led by the group’s team of songwriters and musicians. Along with the two songs released today, North Point Worship plans to release as many as 12 new songs internationally from North Point Music® and Centricity Music in 2020.

In April the band released “Light Breaking Through” featuring Lauren Lee, which was born in the midst of Lee’s struggle with postpartum depression, and the worship track, “Sons and Daughters” featuring Brett Stanfill. The songs “Nothing Else Matters” featuring Heath Balltzglier and Desi Raines and “Just Getting Started” featuring Lauren Lee were released Feb. 21.


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