Nashville, TN (August 26, 2019)
North Point InsideOut, a musical expression of worship from North Point Ministries in Atlanta, GA, releases its highly anticipated Abundantly More EP from North Point Music and Centricity Music Aug. 30. Wanting to inspire people to follow Jesus, and internationally known for its worship anthem “Death Was Arrested,” InsideOut’s new EP will be available at digital retail and streaming outlets globally as well as at physical retail.

With all the new songs organically sown in the local church, and written, recorded and led by the North Point InsideOut team of songwriters and musicians, Abundantly More features the lead single and title track, “Abundantly More [Feat. Seth Condrey].”

More than I could ask or seek
More than I could fathom
God Your love for me
Is better than I imagined
(From the “Abundantly More” chorus.)

“The song is a reminder that in Christ, we have been given everything we need for life and godliness,” shares InsideOut member Heath Balltzglier, who co-wrote “Abundantly More” with Seth Condrey, Matt Armstrong and Ethan Hulse. “Scripture says we are more than conquerors and that there is no lack in God. All the joy and the peace that I could ever need comes in seeking Him and His kingdom first.”

Along with sharing this message and all the new music in English, North Point InsideOut has recorded all the songs in Spanish and will release Mucho Más (Abundantly More) in the near future.

“When North Point’s church partners in Latin America began asking for the songs so they could translate them into their own language to sing at their churches, this became missional for us,” says Kevin Ragsdale, Director of North Point Music Label at North Point Ministries. “So, every time we release a song in English, we plan to simultaneously release it en Español. When people sing and are moved by the songs in church, we want them to be able to find the songs, and have the songs take them back to that moment they had in church.”

Abundantly More
EP Track listing:

Abundantly More (feat. Seth Condrey)
Here I Am (feat. Kaycee Hines)
Anchor of Peace (feat. Desi Raines)
The Best Is Yet To Come (feat. Clay Finnesand)
Safest Place (feat. Emily Harrison)

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