Following 15 years of walking the NFL sidelines with the Seattle Seahawks, Rocky Seto made a shocking announcement last week.

Seto, 40, who has been serving as the Seahawks’ assistant head coach for defense announced that he was leaving the NFL and coaching all together to enter into ministry.

“It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a long time, and more intensively over the last seven years,” Seto said. “I considered not coming up to Seattle with Coach Carroll when we first came up here. I thought about going into ministry then. I’ve been thinking about it every year, praying about it and asking Jesus to see if this is the year, and this year it was ridiculously clear to us. I can’t think of anything else I’d rather do.”

The veteran coach had been apart of Seattle head coach Pete Carroll’s staff at the college and NFL level since 1999.

The coach announced the decision to players and staff following the Seahawks playoff loss to the Super Bowl bound Atlanta Falcons.

According to Wikipedia, Seto was featured on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s “More Than Conquerors” magazine show. The show profiles Christian’s who are involved in sports and share their testimony.

“I can understand why people would think, ‘this is crazy, what are you doing this for?’” said Seto, who also has a ministry website, “But this is a unique calling for us. If God called us to stay in football Handicap, we would have stayed in football.”

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