Just in time for Father’s Day, Pure Flix will debut a new movie that tells a moving story where one man rediscovers his faith, reconnects with his father and follows God’s plan for his life. GOD’S COUNTRY SONG will stream exclusively on Pure Flix on June 16.

“My character, Noah, has this amazing redemptive story arc. He has endured a lot of heartbreak and has some really destructive habits, but he’s able to come back to his relationship with God and his parents and build a new relationship with his son,” said actor and country musician Justin Gaston. “It’s such a relatable story for audiences because no matter what or who has hurt you, there is hope and forgiveness with God.”

GOD’S COUNTRY SONG tells the story of Noah, an upcoming country music star with a drinking problem. Only God knows if Noah can be the man and father he’s meant to be. Will Noah stop chasing selfish dreams, heal broken relationships and start down God’s path for his future?

“I love being part of something that helps us realize how connected we are. GOD’S COUNTRY SONG is a reminder of how talent, intention, and looking at ourselves can create greatness,” said Academy Award nominee Mariel Hemingway who stars in the new Pure Flix Original.


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GOD’S COUNTRY SONG was produced by SkipStone Pictures and features 15 original songs, including the theme song “Being The Man” which resonates with the themes of fatherhood and sacrifice. The songs were performed by Justin Gaston, Coffey Anderson and others and were written by Ryan Fine and Melissa Sheridan for the film.

“There are definitely some authentic real-life moments in this film, but everything and anything is possible with God,” said director, producer and co-writer Johnny Remo. “Addiction and alcohol abuse are complex subjects to talk about, but God sends help in the form of family and friends. I lost a daughter to drug addiction and I hope audiences dealing with that can find hope in this story.”

GOD’S COUNTRY SONG stars Justin Gaston (The Young and the Restless, UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN, SANTA BOOTCAMP), Academy Award nominee Mariel Hemingway (ON SACRED GROUND, GRACE AND GRIT, MANHATTAN), John Laughlin (THE ROCK, FOOTLOOSE, NCIS), Christopher Michael (7th Heaven, FOOLS RUSH IN, THE CABLE GUY), Justene Alpert (The Lincoln Lawyer, THE MATCHMAKERS PLAYBOOK), introducing JJ Miller (Saved by Grace) and featuring country music star Coffey Anderson (Country Ever After).

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