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By Caroline Lusk


Most of us will never fully grasp the concept of persecution.

Most of us will never have to defend, hide or live in fear because of our faith.

Most of us will never have to consider the risk of following Christ.

The four brothers who constitute the new band, Everfound, aren’t like most of us.

Born to Russian parents who immigrated to the United States, the boys have not only inherited, but taken ownership of the precious gift that is faith, as well as what it truly means to surrender everything to Christ.

Part of that legacy stems from their grandfather, was imprisoned for 20 years simply for owning a Bible. It was only after fall of communism that their family had the option to leave and find a new home where they could live and serve their God freely.

They found that home in Colorado when the boys were young. Today, all of them are in their 20s and are a living testimony to the faithfulness of their Savior.

Recently signed to Word records, the brothers are releasing their self-titled major label debut on July 16, having already been included on the “Inspired by” soundtrack from the History Channel’s epic mini-series, The Bible.

Soon after playing at a kickoff event for the series at Saddleback Church, Pastor Rick Warren tweeted, “Mark my word: This band is going to be HUGE!”

And after a listen through the new album, all signs indicate that Warren is right on the money.

CCM recently had a conversation with the guys to get to know them, this music, their ministry and passion. Listen in!


Practice, practice, practice

“From the time you were seven, until about 15 or 16, our grandmother was our piano teacher. We practiced two hours a day.”


The “aha” moment

“Once we started to write our own music, we started getting letters from people telling us our song really helped them, brought them closer to God…at that moment, we became home schooled and got on the road.”


Band of brothers

“Getting along… well, often, we don’t! (laughing) But we don’t really have a choice. Each one of us definitely adds something. Everyone has a different perspective. We know each other’s buttons and know each other’s strengths. Sometimes we just have to decide, “Am I gong to tick him off right now? Or get the best out of him?”


Family legacy

It’s profound to be able to know all of the sacrifices our dad and mom and grandparents made to get us to this point. We’re so humbled and completely overcome at concerts or Christian events when there are a bunch of people sharing in the worship experience. Even now, at this time, there are places people are persecuted. We live in the most blessed country.”


About the single, “Never Beyond Repair”

“We wrote the song about a year ago after a meeting with a friend we’d lost touch with. We found out our lives were on completely different paths. She was telling us how she feels she’s way too messed up to ever go back…she’s done too much…she was too broken. This song came out of that, but some of us had big doubts. Is it really true that we’re never too broken? Is it really true that we’re never too messed up? God’s answer is my grace is enough and my strength is made perfect. He has redefined what repair looks like. Sometimes we don’t see the bigger picture, but He does work all things for good.”


Meet Everfound…The brothers describe each other in two words or less


Nikita (23)

Lead vocals/keys

“The dramatic, emotional one…”

Ruslan (24)



Yan (21)


“The Comedian”

Illarion (18)


“The Sophisticated one”


Originally published in CCM Magazine, July 2013




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