Los Angeles, CA (April 16, 2019)
Based on the vision to “Reach Los Angeles & Reach the World,” social & cultural thought leader, entrepreneur, speaker, innovator, Founder and Lead Pastor of MOSAIC, Erwin McManus recently announced a progressive campaign to own the highly sought after LA real estate, which has been the rented MOSAIC location for the last seven years. The property was initially planned to be torn down & developed into condos.

In its first 48 hours, MOSAIC’s GoFundMe campaign raised nearly $1 million dollars and in 8 days over 2 million dollars & growing, with the community well on its way to the ambitions goal. According to GoFundMe, this is the largest church–based campaign that the online fundraising platform has ever experienced, based on its goal.

According to McManus, there will soon be no remaining land in LA where churches can build due to zoning laws. This property is already zoned for a church, tax-free and has been offered by the owner directly for sale to MOSAIC. MOSAIC, is a community of faith recognized as one of America’s most influential and innovative churches, started in the heart of Hollywood, now with campuses across Los Angeles, Orange County, Mexico City and Seattle, and a global community that spans across the world.

“We have the opportunity to buy our Hollywood property and have a home in the heart of Hollywood,” states McManus. “We reach Hollywood, we reach the world. We are here to stay… Hollywood is the creative epicenter of the world and the capital of the future.”

“We came to LA on purpose, we came to Hollywood on purpose,” McManus continued. “We came here because God called us, not to just change the city but to change the course of humanity’s future and the ‘church’s’ future. If MOSAIC was anywhere else, we wouldn’t have this culture, we wouldn’t have this message, and we wouldn’t be creating the church of the future. The context shapes the message and the community. We are here to stay.”

MOSAIC has for years been on the cutting edge of the global refugee crisis, sending volunteers to the Syrian-Lebanon border doing world-changing work across the globe daily. MOSAIC has also launched projects in underserved regions of the world such as Malawi, Bangladesh, India, Mexico, and Haiti. Its global work often focuses on the empowerment of women spanning from rescuing young girls from the global sex trade to developing educational systems focused on elevating women in leadership across the world.

Erwin McManus regularly speaks across the globe bringing hope, insight and healing to faith and business audiences, cultural influencers and diverse groups, regularly sharing from his own journey and his passion for true world peace…. sharing deep Biblical insights to worldwide audiences about humility, focus, ownership, clarity, strength and vulnerability.

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