Nashville, TN (October 28, 2022)
Australian songwriter and worship leader Mitch Wong introduces ‘Burial,’ the first single from his forthcoming debut album. Written in collaboration with Cody Carnes, the new song explores the biblical nature of death and resurrection. “I knew that this song would be track number one because the album goes on a journey from ‘burial’ to ‘bloom’,” Mitch comments. Yet, more than a structural and creative move, introducing his project with ‘Burial’ sets the scene for the revelation carried in his song writing: the mystery that unfolds after the burial is that we are made new creations in Christ; the old is gone and behold, the new has come.

The theological depth of Mitch Wong’s songs is central in his ministry, and ‘Burial’ expands on the challenging call to discipleship that one must face when following Jesus. “I hope this song provides revelation and wakes people up to the countercultural nature of the Kingdom of God,” he adds.

The weighty and hopeful message of ‘Burial’ is shared on an airy and bright soundscape transpiring with the artist’s joy and conviction. “Can you just imagine all the beautiful little miracles that wait beyond our choice to bury our fears, our pride, and our busy schedules?! The way of the Kingdom is dying to self and living for Christ […] I pray this song will stir believers to embrace that,” he concludes. With ‘Burial’, Mitch Wong offers the Church a worshipful call to discipleship and a reminder that Jesus asks for our surrender.

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