May 26 2023 – Nashville, TN
Made up of Jess Ray and Taylor Leonhardt, folk band Mission House releases their fourth project, “Friend Forever.” The new acoustic-led EP was recorded in the intimate settings of a friend’s home and captures the phenomenal story-telling of both Ray and Leonhardt. Aside from being one of the only female duos in the modern worship space, Mission House sets themselves apart by how they build songs that truly thrive in gatherings.

Inspired by a need in their community for worship in life’s everyday still moments, “Friend Forever” offers prayerful and gentle sounds that meet believers in their most simple daily moments. It is also a nod to the band’s friendship and shared vision, creating a beautiful and tangible space for intimacy.

“Friend Forever” includes revisited versions of some of the band’s most loved songs as well as a cover of “What A Friend I’ve Found” originally by British band Delirious? on an acoustic soundscape. This EP explores the consistent, sincere, and profound friendship of Christ that spans every day of our life of faith and will be present beyond into eternity.

Mission House sets out to create a space of quiet reflection amid a busy, over-stimulating world for the Church to commune with God, walking with Him in the daily mundane beauty of our existence.

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