Nashville, TN (October 14, 2022)
Iconic multi-platinum, Christian music singer and songwriter Michael W. Smith is thrilled to announce the release of his new Christmas EP, Christmas at Home, coming out October 21, 2022. The EP features Smith’s entire family participating in the recording, arranging, writing and includes 6 brand new Christmas standards that will awaken the listener’s holiday memories. Among the tracks, there are two instrumental pieces, “The Star” (featuring a haunting vocal line from daughter Whitney Mooring and lush orchestration) and “Christmas at Wildwood” which features Smith’s signature gift and sound for writing melodies on the piano. Throughout the entire EP, the music and orchestration play like an epic movie soundtrack.

The EP was inspired by the song “Freeze The Frame” written by Smith and Tony Wood, painting pictures of family moments around the holidays. Lyrics from the Mark Campbell produced song that spoke to Smith include: “Time around the table/And time around the tree/These moments in these rooms tonight/Are everything I dream.” They reminded him so much of his own family life that it quickly led him to the idea of making the EP a family affair, having his daughter Anna Bovi sing on the track and motivated him to bring in his other children and, at the time, 16 grandchildren (recently grown to 17) for the rest of the project.

Other highlights from the EP include the radio single ‘Christmas Is Here’ written by Smith and Bovi, which has memory-inducing lyrics and a chorus of all of his grandchildren, with the orchestral arrangement done by Smith’s son, Tyler. Another majestic moment was bringing in the 200+ member Brentwood Baptist Choir for “God with God.” The song is a choral and orchestra masterpiece that invokes memories of Smith’s past Christmas anthems, produced, orchestrated, and arranged by David Hamilton. Listeners will know they’re in for a special experience by the opening instrumental “The Night Before…” which sets the stage perfectly for the Christmas season.

Smith will showcase the songs from the EP (in addition to his other classics) on his upcoming Christmas tour with Amy Grant. Tour dates can be found at

Christmas At Home track list:
The Night Before…
Christmas Is Here
Freeze The Frame
The Star
God with God
Christmas at Wildwood
Christmas Is Here (Radio Edit)

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