Atlanta, GA (July 1, 2022)
Maverick City Music member, Naomi Raine, is set to release her solo album, Journey, via TRIBL Records on July 8, 2022. While many know her as part of the GRAMMY Award-winning collective Maverick City Music, Raine is also one of the genre’s leading songwriters, a church leader, a mother and much more.

Journey showcases Raine’s most personal and vulnerable songwriting to date, exploring mental health struggles, uncertainty, self-discovery and faith. She also pauses and takes time to reflect on her life in the series of short car chats spread across the album. Throughout the 22 tracks, Raine transcends genre boundaries, showcasing her songwriting versatility with music that storms into the lanes of modern pop, contemporary rock, R&B and more in a must-hear record.

‘Not Ready’ Music Video:

Journey Track List:

1. The Journey (Overture)
(Naomi Raine / Adale Jackson)

2. Pending Emotions
(Naomi Raine)

3. Paper Plates
(Naomi Raine)

4. Let Go (Car Chat)
(Naomi Raine)

5. Not Ready
(Naomi Raine / G Morris Coleman / Gary Coach)

6. Where The Heart Is (Car Chat)
(Naomi Raine)

7. Safe
(Naomi Raine / Kayla Thompson)

8. To The End (Car Chat)
(Naomi Raine)

9. Hold On (feat. Brik.Liam)
(Naomi Raine)

10. Good Story
(Naomi Raine)

11. Goodbye (Car Chat)
(Naomi Raine)

12. Won One
(Naomi Raine / G Morris Coleman)

13. World on Fire (feat. Ryan Avery)
(Naomi Raine / G Morris Coleman / Ryan Avery)

14. The Real Me (Car Chat)
(Naomi Raine)

15. Choosing Myself
(Naomi Raine)

16. Still Alone
(Naomi Raine)

17. Exactly Where I Need To Be (Car Chat)
(Naomi Raine)

18. Okay
(Naomi Raine / Aaron Moses / Taylor Drevan Hill)

19. Sacrifice (Car Chat)
(Naomi Raine)

20. Like You ($u!€!d£) [feat. Mali Music]
(Naomi Raine)

21. Merrily
(Naomi Raine)

22. Brand New
(Naomi Raine / G Morris Coleman / Tywan Mack)

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