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The world goes out of its way to make you believe you are not good enough. Maybe you aren’t sure you like where you’ve been, or who you’ve become. Maybe someone has made you believe a lie about who you are by speaking damaging words to you. The discovery of our true identities does not begin by looking within ourselves, but by looking to the One who made us. Hello, My Name Is: Discovering Your True Identity (buy) will inspire you to not wear the nametag that someone else gave you, but to wear the name of who God says you are.

As we enter a new year, many people are making resolutions and struggling to find out who they are or where they fit in this crazy world. Award-winning Christian music singer and songwriter Matthew West has a message to those people in his debut book—expected Apr. 18, 2017 from Worthy Publishing—they’re not alone.

Throughout his travels, West has collected thousands of stories from around the world from people dealing with these issues. Well known for communicating these stories through song, he will continue that storytelling theme in his book, taking the stories he has collected over the years to inspire readers to understand their identity isn’t found within, but through Jesus Christ.

Your name may be “Lonely”. . . He calls you Friend.
Your name may be “Failure”. . . He calls you Redeemed.
Your name may be “Broken”. . . He calls you Beloved.

It is time to tear off the false name tags that cover up your true identity. Understanding who you are begins with knowing Whose you are so you can embrace your destiny as a child of the one true King.


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