Nashville, TN (September 11, 2020)
BEC Recordings duo Lion & Bear has released its self-titled EP, a debut that shares songs singing of the unending love of Jesus, songs that offer praise along with lamenting, proclaiming the truth that pain is messy and uncomfortable, and full of hope.

Hailing from southern California, Lion & Bear—a moniker inspired by the biblical story of David & Goliath—is a family band to its core. Members Andrew Enos and Michael Landingham are brothers-in-law (Michael is married to Andrew’s sister), both work at their respective churches, and both have experienced devastating losses. They also both share that their unthinkable tragedies were followed by a stark realization: most people don’t know how to grieve. Lion & Bear was fashioned from the ashes of their tremendous anguish as an effort to not only find healing but to share that healing with others. Their message is clear – if you go to the depths of your humanity, God will be there.

“Held By Your Love”:


“Greater Is He”:

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