Nashville, TN (January 14, 2020)
New to the Christian music scene as they are, Land and Salt are picking up steam. Last August saw the release of the British folk/rock/worship duo’s EP, Salve, which has gone on to achieve two top ten singles in the UK Christian charts A Step FWD in 2019 and two nominations for the JUMP Music Video Awards at the Selah Music Festival in London in October 2019, with their single “Tree to Tree.”

Last week saw the final release from the EP in the form of a new the lyric video for “Jesus Washes My Feet.” “Facing the God who wants to kneel down to wash our very feet is an awesome and uncomfortable truth; this image demands that we do the same to the loathed in our our world, not just the poor, the child or the widow but also to the enemy, the corrupt, the deceived, as Jesus did unto Judas. Its a tall order!,” says the duo.

This Spring will see the release of the groups full-length debut album Here Come the Gospel Folk which they say, has a whole new power and sound. Marie comments “The new album is like the bricks being laid compared with the foundational base that Salve gave us—we’re taking shape and form now.” As always Land and Salt will be collaborating with other musicians with the same mission and calling “We love working with musicians that God sends our way, it is our deepest worship and feels like hallowed Kingdom ground.” The duo also plan to grow their own label Saltworks Records to create a platform for more collaboration in 2019 and to support more Christian musicians needing fellowship and encouragement.

Although based in the UK their songs are picking up a transatlantic following with radio and reviews spreading including an array of U.S. artists and musicians listening in. Described as ‘Gospel led folk for Gospel led folk’, Land and Salt herald in a rich, deep sound using scriptural verse blended with driving guitars. The result is an original, old simplicity of gospel, blues and folk. They say “There is a lot of worship music out there but folk, blues and old gospel is so powerful—it is the land and people’s language—it tells stories and gives reason, we felt called to use it to spread the Good News about Jesus. We use as much scripture as possible in our music because it is living” they say “and we hope that by being set to music it ministers straight to people’s hearts, believer or non believer—it is life.”

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