King’s Norwich Worship released a collection of songs, This Is Our Worship, on 24th November 2023. The first EP for the artist based at King’s Community Church in Norwich, the album was preceded by two singles I Love You Lord and Forever And A Day, released on the 3rd and 17th November respectively.

Available on all major streaming platforms, the EP comprises six songs, written and performed by Ben Lock, Joe Bunton, and John Raspin. This Is Our Worship covers a breadth of topics, combining the contemplative and adoring with joyful declarations of God’s character and grace.

Bound to be a new, fresh addition to worship playlists everywhere, the album is for any person to listen to and make their own, the soundtrack for everyday worship, whatever the time, place, or situation. Beautifully layered, produced, and full of biblical truth, the songs are diverse in mood and tone but wonderfully united as one long love letter to Jesus.

“As a worship leader, the words of the Psalms have often resonated with me and I find myself continually going back to them for inspiration, guidance and challenge. Across all the sites at King’s Community Church there is a high regard on times of sung worship together; most weeks at least half the time of our Sunday morning meetings consist of singing songs of praise”, says Joe Bunton, from King’s Norwich Worship on what initiated the album-writing process.

“The importance of teaching good theology while leading worship to a congregation often weighs on my heart as I’m choosing set lists and picking songs for a Sunday. More and more I was finding new songs that either needed a bit of theological explanation before leading them or had sections that I questioned whether I fully believed in. This highlighted to me the importance of leading songs that reflect the theology of your local church and acted as one of the catalysts for me, and others in the church, to begin seriously writing songs that could be led and sung with conviction in our church.”

This Is Our Worship is available on major music platforms, including Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music and YouTube.

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