Nashville, TN (November 17, 2021)
Jesus Culture‘s Kim Walker-Smith will release a new live EP, Revival Nights Pt. 2 (Live), Friday, November 19th. This special live-recorded project was captured on the road live from worship nights in Little Rock, Clarksville, and San Diego featuring nine tracks including “Make Room,” “It’s Time To Worship” with Chris McClarney, and “Hurry.” Celebrating this week’s release, live recorded videos from the project are premiering on YouTube.

YouTube Album Playlist:

“I love songwriting, but what I love even more, is finding moments with Jesus, within a song,” shares Kim Walker-Smith about this special release. “My career and life as a worship leader is made up of many, many significant moments, encountering Jesus. I know it could seem a little strange to be listening to a track and suddenly have the song interrupted by a voice speaking, praying, and declaring. I know it may seem very different to look down and realize the track is just over ten minutes long (how many times will she sing this chorus?!). But I just don’t want to perform. I want to see, hear, and feel Jesus in the room, with my brothers and sisters. And while I could have created polished songs, timed perfectly for radio or anything else, I wanted to instead, leave it all out there and invite you into a moment.”

Earlier this year, Walker-Smith released Revival Nights EP, which was also recorded on the road in June 2021 over the span of four nights of worship. It featured songs from her earlier career such as “Still Believe” and “I Have Found” as well as a new song “I Say Yes.”

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