Belfast, Northern Ireland (May 7, 2021)
Keith & Kristyn Getty have released their latest project, Evensong Deluxe. In this month’s Getty Family Hymn Sing, taped in Northern Ireland, the duo and family also teach us the origin and local story of the what could be the most well known and covered composition in history, the hymn ‘Amazing Grace’ and connect with longtime Van Morrison band member Dana Masters along with Kirk Whalum on a new version of the beloved hymn.  The Getty’s also explore the emerald isle (with the Getty girls!) for Harry’s Shack which is purported to be (by Keith) home of the world’s greatest Fish & Chips (beating out Duke’s in Malibu, CA) and why the North Coast has the best pollock and cod than anywhere else!

If you are just catching up to this ongoing series by Keith & Kristyn Getty, you’re in for a wonderful treat in this video shot beautifully nearby their home of Belfast, Northern Ireland!

Watch it here:

Connect with the Gettys on their YouTube channel and check out Evensong Deluxe featuring new versions of unreleased songs recorded at Vince and Amy’s place Hidden Trace last Summer.

YouTube Evensong Deluxe Playlist:

Spotify Evensong Deluxe Playlist:

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