Singapore (June 2, 2022)
Keith and Kristyn Getty bring thousands of voices together at Singapore’s most prestigious theatre. The sound of more than 3,800 voices singing modern hymns together filled the halls of The Star Performing Arts Centre in Singapore on Friday night (5-28-22), in one of the first major concerts since the government lifted its 2-years-long Covid restrictions.

Christian music artists Keith and Kristyn Getty, the pre-eminent modern hymn writers in the world, and their band of virtuoso musicians from the USA and Ireland, performed to the sold-out crowd, ushering in a new era of congregational singing in the city-state after the pandemic.

The Star Performing Arts Center is one of the most prestigious stages in Singapore, having hosted music’s elite such as Bob Dylan and Elton John.

“This was the first time in two years that thousands of people were able to come together in Singapore to sing in worship. The energy in the room was electric. Having been under Covid restrictions for so long, the sense of anticipation and sheer joy of coming together was incredible.”

Hosted by Adam Road Presbyterian Church, Friday’s performance was the Gettys’ first in Singapore, where they have many fans: Singapore is consistently the number-one ranked city in the world for streaming the Gettys’ music.

In 1978, Billy Graham famously called Singapore the ‘Antioch of Asia,’ for being the gateway to this extraordinary continent in all its beauty and opportunity. We hope Friday’s concert was the beginning of a whole new chapter where our music can increasingly serve peoples in these cultures.

“We will never forget leading a journey of hymns dovetailed by two that were written in 1930’s China. We began with a special guest, retired NASA astronaut and US Army Colonel Jeff Williams, reading ‘Thou Who Wasn’t Rich,’ created in memory of the Christian martyrs’ John and Betty Stam. It was dovetailed by ‘Facing A Task Unfinished,’ also a rallying call to missionaries to come alongside believers in China during that perilous time in history.” —Keith Getty

The show culminated with the whole cast singing ‘In Christ Alone,’ co-written by Keith Getty and Stuart Townend, and one of the most-sung hymns in the world over the last 20 years. The song’s creedal lyrics represent the story of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, and his power to save—a message that resonated with the 3,800-strong audience.

Watch the event video:

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