Brampton, CAN (June 21, 2021)
The new single “WOKE” is a fiery and captivating collaboration between JUNO Award winning Christian music artist Shawna Cain, and author, mentor, life coach, and entrepreneur, Farrah Hodgson. The voice, passion, and writing from Shawna Cain combined with the transparent and head-on confession from Farrah makes “WOKE” an unstoppable anthem. With the words “struggle can transform the heart and wiser and stronger you are” repeating in the chorus, this song breaks boundaries and inspires listeners to see the value in themselves no matter what they have been through.



“Let me tell you a confession, my whole life is full of lessons”

“WOKE” takes you on an extraordinary journey of Farrah’s learned lessons which entails her story of being controlled by money, stripping, drug trafficking, a lifestyle of empty glamour, and abortion. Which led to the incredible breakthrough of faith through Christ that led her to who she is today. This song is an audio ally of Farrah Hodgson’s personal story within her book, The Struggle is Real. The Struggle Is Real is a compilation book of authors whom are single mothers releasing their darkest moments. They open up about their experiences and hardships while showcasing and providing encouragement, strength, coping mechanisms, and wisdom to help readers overcome their situations.

Shawna Cain and Farrah Hodgson’s individual walks with Christ have been instrumental in sculpting them into the women they are today. The message and song is carried with such power because it is sourced from their real experiences and perspectives. “WOKE” is a track that inspires everyone from the youngest to the oldest, no matter the walk of life. This song will have you appreciating the journey and leading you straight to the one who we can confess to and be forgiven of everything that has ever held us back from becoming who we are designed to be.

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