Franklin, TN (September 17, 2020)
Jonathan McReynolds might not be touring cities right now, but he is “touring people” and bringing his virtual Those People Tour to the screen. Compassion LIVE will partner with McReynolds on a special “Show Compassion Bundle” that will give child sponsors access to the entire multi-night virtual event, a backstage pass, and a copy of McReynold’s latest project, People.

By sponsoring a child with Compassion International, attendees will be given access to four unique concert experiences beginning in October. Sponsorship and ticket information can be found at

Passionate People on October 1st is all about making room for God. “Passionate people are strong, they are sincere, and their worship guarantees God is always in their situation.”

Churchy People on October 4th is for “those that might be new school most of the time, but nothing hits like a simple song about grace. They can turn any day into a Sunday and praise God for all of the things that only He knows.”

Deep People on October 7th is for the people that know how to give God their full attention. “They won’t stop thinking, they won’t stop learning, until God makes a cathedral out of them. Those people are Deep People.”

Free People wraps up the tour on October 10th. “Free people might seem undignified…but God is the best thing that ever happened to them. They have no problem jumping, no problem dancing, and they have no problem Movin’ On.”


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