Raleigh, NC (October 6, 2021)
Singer/songwriter and guitarist John Sierra—formerly of the Raleigh-based band Attalus on Facedown Records—has released the title track to his forthcoming solo debut EP with “The Wonder.”

Earlier this month, he debuted with the single “A Dream Worth Keeping,” an acoustic guitar with heavenly harmonies, the first single explores the ambivalence between fear, desire and our dreams that premiered on JesusWired.

The Wonder marks a departure from the alt/rock sound of his former band with influences that range from The Killers, Mumford and Sons, C.S. Lewis and Puccini.

On his debut album, The Wonder, John Sierra invites listeners on a thoughtful journey into the emotional landscape of the heart. Rich with soaring harmonies, driving acoustic rhythms, and haunting melodies, The Wonder wades through a folk-inspired sound with songs that are unapologetically raw. Exploring heartache, healing, relationship, and working through regret, The Wonder is meant to be an experience for any who would listen.

His early twenties were categorized by smoky clubs and raging guitar amps, performing as an integral part of the alternative rock band, Attalus, signed to Facedown Records. This foray into the music scene set an incredible foundation for John Sierra’s music career. But, this season also marks a great recovery of heart for John. After shipwrecking almost everything beautiful in his life, he was careened into the realization he had lost himself along the way. Even the band had become a false identity. Through therapy, mental health, and a recovery of heart, he began to find the life he had always longed for…

And in that place, from that place, he began to write. To share the story of hope, forgiveness, healing, and restoration he experienced. Each of the songs on The Wonder stem from this season: from the recovery of a young man’s heart towards beauty, to exploring the roots of addiction and the power to overcome, to the active choice to push against regret towards a dream.

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