Nashville, TN (August 16, 2019)
John Cooper from Skillet recently posted on his Facebook page his personal response and thoughts on what is happening in the Christian culture in light of some recent events in the faith community. While some of his thoughts are about a very specific issue, many of them point to a possible larger trend or even schism in the church-faith-worship music culture.

We think it is important to ask these questions and have this dialogue:
-Is there a growing trend in church and Christian music or modern worship music to pursue cultural relevance over truth?
-Are we allowing cultural “influencers” to speak into or mold our faith and theology more than the Word of God?
-Is culture affecting the church more than the church is affecting culture?
-If so, what do we do about it?

Several articles have been written in the last few days that dive deeper into these subjects.


Here are some links to articles that will help explain what has been said or written.

• Read John’s original FB post here: or download it here:

• Article on the website here

• Article on on Marty Sampson’s response here:

• Watch John explain his post on CBN News:

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