Worship Together and Jesus Culture have partnered to release the newest live recording, “Same God,” from Jesus Culture’s worship leader Chris Quilala. Quilala’s version of the hit song, which was recorded live in San Diego at Encounter Night.

“This song is such a powerful reminder that no matter what we may face, God remains the same,” shares Chris Quilala. “As we humble ourselves and choose to seek Him in every season of life, He is faithful to respond. Our faith and hope is anchored in Christ and we can trust Him completely.”

As part of the Jesus Culture music community and GRAMMY-nominated group, Quilala has co-written well-known songs like “Fierce,” “In the River,” and “Miracles.”

He adds, “This song has meant so much to me personally. Now, more than ever, I remind myself that God is the same yesterday, today and forever! ‘Same God’ is such a powerful declaration of this truth.”

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