A brand new single, “Look To The Lamb,” from Jesus Culture is now available with Lindy Cofer and Bryan & Katie Torwalt.

“‘Look To The Lamb’ felt like a Holy moment both in the writing room and throughout the recording process,” shares Jesus Culture’s Bryan Torwalt. “Our hope and prayers are that there will be lots of Holy moments in people’s cars and living rooms and churches as they listen to and worship with this song.”

Lindy Cofer adds, “This song came from a heart cry to simply behold Jesus. We live in a day where distractions are all around us, but as the Church, we need to keep our eyes on Jesus. It reminds our souls to behold Him. In His death and resurrection! Jesus is the center of it all. This song is meant to remind us of this reality!”

The new single was co-written by Cofer and Bryan Torwalt. “Look To The Lamb” will be featured on an upcoming live release from Jesus Culture, which will be the first new project from the group since 2020’s two-volume Church project.

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