In an unexpected twist of fate, or more realistically, a dose of divine intervention, Disney came calling once again. McGill started performing in the Walt Disney World live show American VYBE at EPCOT Center—under the direction of famed Pitch Perfect arranger Deke Sharon. She also was hired to perform at The Holy Land Experience theme park, only this time it was for a show centered around faith. Her time there served as the catalyst for helping her get back on course.

“We were there to present the message of God through music and dramatic ministry,” explains McGill. “Sure, I had sung for offertories, weddings and funerals at church, but this was a whole different type of situation of acting out scenes from the Bible and I quickly got wise enough in the spirit to understand it was an honor and responsibility.”

After her time there wrapped, McGill bounced between Nashville and New York, eventually settling in Music City and landing an equally unique role as a lead teacher and cast member in a faith-based live event called Bravehearted Boys: The Superhero Experience  geared toward pre-teen boys and their families. It was there where she met future manager Ann-Riley Caldwell of Lifetime Impact Management who asked the entertainer to write a script for the companion program Bravehearted Girls: The Warrior Princess Quest, which naturally led to the pair’s collaboration on Freedom Fighters: Live Fearless geared towards the entire family.

“Originally I was writing songs for the show with themes of encouragement, inspiration and strength, but the songs started shaping up to be a cohesive solo album, even though that wasn’t the intention,” says McGill. “I never thought I’d have a chance to make a full-length album after it didn’t work out the first time around, let alone have it drop right after I turn 40!”

McGill hopes that “Unbreakable” will be able to inspire and encourage others because there’s an element in every song that reminds us we’re not battling alone. “So many of us put borders on ourselves and I think for women especially there’s this idea that you’re past your expiration date when you hit a certain age, which in my case was only compounded with the celebrity comparisons I used to put on myself. This album paints a picture of old hurts and old mistakes, but also coming out on the other side and not just surviving but thriving.”

The album includes production from GRAMMY Award winning producer Jeff Savage, Michael Whitaker and McGill’s husband Jeff Bohannon, plus mixing by multiple GRAMMY Award winner Paul Salveson.


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