Nashville, TN (February 22, 2021)
Nashville-based record label, Vohnic Music, announces the upcoming release of “Something True,” a powerful duet featuring Christian music artist Jason Gray and Sarah Jane from Juniper Vale. “Something True” is set to release on March 19 and is an emotionally piercing antidote to loneliness and anxiety.

Jason Gray and Sarah Jane explore the idea of knowing who you truly are through the unity that love creates. After spending an afternoon co-writing on the historic Music Row in Nashville, the two partnered with Vian Izak to produce “Something True” with organic instrumentation ranging from a 1960s felt stripped covered piano to live strings performed by Camille Faulkner (Julien Baker). During a time of immense anxiety due to the COVID19 pandemic, the two aim to convey comfort and hope to their fans with this new track.

Jason Gray has been a leading voice in the music industry for decades, having charted multiple times on the Christian Top 40 radio. His last single, “I’m Gonna Let it Go” peaked at number 12 leading up to his album Order Disorder Reorder. Jason is a powerhouse songwriter and his vulnerable writing style is highlighted in “Something True.”

Juniper Vale is a multimedia project that combines comic book art with indie pop music. Started by Sarah Jane, the project explores the concept of home and belonging. “Something True” is the pinnacle of Sarah’s musical journey so far, offering an introspective look at identity and a yearning for love.


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