Following her soulful version of ‘The Old Rugged Cross‘, multilingual singer-songwriter, record producer and doctor Janalynn Castelino has presented her 3rd Lenten release this season with ‘Parce Domine’. The audio is available across all streaming platforms with its visual accompaniment shared to YouTube.

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Reflecting upon Christ’s journey during Lent and encouraging Christian listeners to strengthen their personal devotion, Janalynn’s impactful vocal powerhouse displays harmonies and unique melodic sounds that dedicatedly encapsulate reverence. Parce Domine (Spare Your People Lord) is a plea to God in times of troubles and triumphs, asking for mercy. Sacred chants being mystical sounding in nature are instrumental at finding hope and comfort in faith, for those who believe.

Janalynn’s deeply resonant and enchanting vocals rightfully convey the chant’s original message of harnessing unwavering belief in God during trials. Specific to the Lenten season, this Latin chant can be literally translated in English as : ‘O Lord, spare Thy people; Be not angry with us forever’.

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