Sacramento, CA (June 26, 2019)
Sacramento, CA. based Christian punk, pop-punk band Light The Way is set to release its new song “HOPE.” The song is a hopeful reminder of God’s enduring love for us no matter how much we fail or feel defeated, that God will be there with open arms to love us completely.

The single goes live to digital networks Friday June 28th and the full EP, Dad Gang goes live July 26th. The release will be available on CD/Digital. CD pre-orders will go up soon in the IVM store and will ship out at the end of July.

Check out “HOPE” here:


HOPE Lyrics:
I know, I blew it again.
I fell short of perfection.
I’m getting tired of this daily routine of begging You to forgive me.
I’m not good enough.
I could never ever be.
It makes zero sense why you Love me.
I’m a security threat.
Yeah, I’m a bad bet.
A liability, but You still Love me.
I hate the feeling of being in debt.
It’s like I’m dragging my own casket.
Filled to the brim with every sin I’ve ever done.
Shackled to my ankle under the California sun.
You break apart the chains that bind.
You take the scales from over my eyes.
Your grace – my only claim to eternal life.
You name on my brain until the day that I die.
Slow-learning. Undeserving.
Your Love crosses the bridges I’ve been Burning.
I jumped right in to my coffin, but six feet can’t keep your Love from getting in.
Your promises won’t come up empty, they will always ring, ring true, Jesus.

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