Nashville, TN (May 3, 2019)
Influencers will drop their brand new album Just The Cross on May 17. The 13 track live collection’s aligns with the name of their viral single which is nearing a million streams worldwide. Born out of missional experiences in both Haiti and the U.S., the song “† (just the cross)” was two years in the making and has been uplifted by popular Spotify Playlists “WorshipNow” and “Christian Mix,” as well as significant placements on Apple Music’s biggest Christian & Gospel playlists including “Praise & Worship” and “Breaking Christian.”

Dropping today, “You Hold It All” is the latest in a string of songs released before the album. Based on Proverbs 16:9, the single will be featured this coming Monday as the free Multitracks play of the week, resourcing worship teams and local churches to introduce the trust-infused song. The LP is also heralded by “Father’s Love” and “Believe Again” which have been unveiled to fans over the past couple of months.

“If we’re honest with ourselves I think we all crave a certain level of control in our life, but God has set up it so, that His Word is the only true lamp to our feet and the light to our path” explains frontman Mark Evans. “This relationship requires a deep trust that the unknown we stare into between where we stand (the lamp) and where we are going (the path), is in His control and that as long He’s got me, nothing can stop me. This song gives words to the process of laying down our pride, trading in our empty plans and trusting in God’s completely.”

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