Nashville, TN (July 16, 2019)
Hollyn has released another audio visualizer video for her song “isn’t it harmless?” from her 6-song EP, bye, sad girl., that will release on September 6.

“isn’t it harmless?” Lyrics:

back to the place
i go back to the place where you told me you loved me
said i was queen of your world yeah i thought we were somethin’, somethin’.
you gave me shelter you gave me room for my imagination
now you expect me to believe it was all an illusion
its you, you’re confusin’
but, isn’t it harmless? isn’t it harmless? (the way that i loved you, the way that i still do)
isn’t it harmless? (so harmless) isn’t it harmless? isn’t it? isn’t it harmless?
isn’t it?isn’t it harmless? isn’t it? isn’t it harmless?
i feel, i feel like I’ve been staying up too late
i don’t, i don’t know why but i’m stuck on the ceiling this weight, this weight is making me feel so crazy,
oh lately and i don’t know why but i just keep on thinking bout you
I can’t unsee the way I saw you
feels kinda like that picture in my mind is tattooed
i feel like i don’t know what i’m supposed to do,
yeah living without you i couldn’t hate you
just want you to know you felt so far even when we were close
who would’ve thought that we’d ever be back where we started saying
isn’t it harmless?

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