Los Angeles, CA (October 1, 2020)
Robert Fergusson, sought-after speaker and Hillsong Church teaching pastor (where he has been based for the last 30 years), unveils the art to storytelling in his upcoming book, Are You Getting This? The book is due out Oct. 30, 2020 and is available for preorders now.

If Fergusson were to tell you a story, whether from a church platform or in the confines of the seat next to you on an airplane, you would undoubtedly listen—and undeniably be changed. That’s because he has been effectively telling stories for the past 45 years and believes that there is a priceless significance gained when you discern and absorb the age-old practice.

A practical guide to discovering the storytelling method that has given Fergusson his platform, Are You Getting This? unpacks how stories pass on gathered wisdom, reveal much about a person’s identity, convey responsibility, instill values and uncover truth.

Fergusson believes that storytelling is the key to conveying life lessons and illustrating the importance of moral values. Not just a primer for preachers and teachers, Are You Getting This?is an effective tool for everyone, from business leaders who want to learn how to communicate effectively with their team; to parents who want to know how and why they should tell stories to their children.

“Wherever you find yourself in life, I believe this book is going to encourage, instruct, and inform you about how you can fulfill your life’s purpose,” says Fergusson. “‘Are You Getting This? is my redemptive story, and I hope the lessons I’ve learned along the way can help you on your journey to rediscover a love for learning and teaching, the importance of impartation, and the eternal truths found in the greatest story ever told.”

“To know Robert is to love him. To know Robert is to know a man with a deep love of God and a deep desire to serve. To know Robert means that you are never going to sit under his ministry without a story that sometimes makes you raise an eyebrow and quietly (and affectionately) think ‘of course’—of course Robert is going to frame a message with a moment recorded (often and almost) to the minute, month and year. Of course, he is going to delve into the chronicles of past and personal history to paint a picture and drive home a point; and of course, Robert is going to echo every message with “are you getting this?” Perhaps one of our most memorable illustrations was the “albatross bird that swooped down and fell asleep in his armpit as he lay on an arctic ice sheet”… because, let’s face it people, that happens every day, right?!

But on a serious note, Robert is a dear friend. A man who has been within our Hillsong history and story from the very beginning, and a man, who has stood faithfully alongside the vision of our House. Our teaching platform as a church is a precious thing, so to entrust the integrity of that teaching platform to others, including Robert Fergusson, is no small thing.

We are grateful for his life, friendship, gift, and anointing. And we couldn’t be happier that he has written and given expression to application and skill that will help all of us become stronger and more anointed communicators of God’s divine Word.”

—Brian and Bobbie Houston, Global Senior Pastors, Hillsong Church

About Robert Fergusson
Robert Fergusson has been part of the teaching team at Hillsong Church for the last 30 years. He is English by birth, Australian by choice and European by taste. He has seven growing grandchildren, three married children and one patient wife. He is a biologist by training, but dislikes the color green. He is a teacher by calling, but hates marking. He loves travelling, reading, photography and coffee. For over 40 years, he has taught people how to live in order to please God. He and his wife currently live in the parrot-filled suburbs of Sydney.

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