Nashville, TN (November 13, 2020)
With a passion to encourage congregational worship, create resources for churches and draw listeners closer to God, Highlands Worship has released its new single, “Heaven Is My Home,” to digital retail and streaming outlets globally through The Fuel Music.

“Heaven Is My Home” Video:



The new song from the worship team at Birmingham, AL-based Church of the Highlands, one of America’s largest churches, was inspired by lead pastor Chris HodgesLift Up Your Heads sermon preached Aug. 2.

“In an effort to more closely unite songwriting creativity with the current heart of our church, we have been listening intently to the weekly sermons of our pastor,” shares Chris Griffin, who co-wrote and produced the song. “Taking note of the nuance in his messages, this has sparked a new sense of connection to our pastor’s weekly leading, and the overall direction of our church. ‘Heaven Is My Home’ came directly from one of these deep dives into a Sunday sermon.”

In the sermon, pastor Chris Hodges explains why he believes that “We are at the doorstep of a great revival.” Taking listeners through both Biblical and historical references, he shares that revival always tends to follow suffering.

Looking at the riots and unsettling that occurred in the 60s, pastor Chris recalls in his sermon how the cover of Time Magazine, on April 8, 1966, asked the question, “Is God Dead,” and then five years later (6/21/71) the cover of Time read, “The Jesus Revolution.”

“Every time there has been an increase of wickedness, there has been an increase of the Word of God,” says Pastor Chris, revealing that God is indeed not dead, is still paying attention and is working even amidst the suffering. In fact, in suffering, God may do his best work.

“‘Heaven Is Our Home’ especially resonates because of the challenges of 2020—the pandemic, racial and political unrest, etc.,” says worship pastor John Larson, who leads the Highlands Worship team of 1,000+ members and 70+ full or part-time musicians on staff. “Many are suffering and may ‘feel’ as if God is not paying attention, but as pastor Chris shares, God has not abandoned us. Heaven is indeed our home.”


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