Nashville, TN (August 16, 2019)
Black River Christian artist/songwriter Hannah Kerr has announced the Sept. 13 release of her upcoming EP titled Listen More, while also releasing “Ordinary,” a featured track on the project. Kerr is getting ready to hit the road this fall on Jordan Feliz‘s The Faith Tour, which kicks off Sept. 12.

The six-song project, all co-written by Kerr, has a personal meaning behind each song. “Each song is kind of a window into a different area of my heart or my life,” Kerr shares. “We all are complex people. I’m not just confident Hannah and I’m not just insecure Hannah, but both of those parts of me are coming into this project, and I think that’s exactly how God made me to be.”

With a new confidence in her voice as a result of challenges that she has faced over the last few years, Kerr was forced to assume a new posture when she wrote this album. While her debut album, Overflow, came from a place of letting God pour into her and her heart overflowing in worship, Listen More has come from a quieter place. She explains, “I’m going just sit here for a minute and let God speak to me, and then I’m going to speak from that place of listening, rather than just speaking.”

While she has been an artist and songwriter over the past four years, Kerr has also been a student at Belmont University where this past spring she received a degree in Christian Leadership. “I feel like God really grew me so much as a human being, not just as an artist,” Kerr shares about the past few years. “I understood more about Him, I understood more about myself and went deeper into my faith in a way that I hadn’t before. I feel like I know what I want to sound like, who I am as an artist, and I’m excited to share that with people.”

Just last month, Kerr debuted a new arrangement and music video for her Top 20 radio single “Split The Sea.” Partnering with award-winning composer David Hamilton (Andrea Bocelli, Josh Groban). “Split The Sea” has earned more than four million streams while Kerr has received more than 45 million total streams. Watch it here:

Listen More song listing:
Written by Hannah Kerr, Tony Wood, and Sean Cook
Executive Producer: Mark Miller, Producer: Riley Friesen

“Split the Sea (Pop Mix)”
Written by Hannah Kerr, Blake NeeSmith and Jeff Pardo
Producer: Mark Miller, Remixed by Riley Friesen

“In the Meantime”
Written by Hannah Kerr, Riley Friesen, and Matt Hammitt
Producer: Mark Miller

“Listen More”
Written by Hannah Kerr, Riley Friesen, and Matt Hammitt
Executive Producer: Mark Miller, Producer: Riley Friesen

Written by Hannah Kerr, Riley Friesen, and Matt Hammitt
Producer: Mark Miller

Written by Hannah Kerr, Ethan Hulse, and Matt Armstrong
Executive Producer: Mark Miller, Produced by Riley Friesen
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