Nashville, TN (October 14, 2022)
K-Anthony‘s early musical experiences began in the church he attended in his youth, located in Falmouth, Jamaica. He is influenced by the island music, and you can hear his love of reggae and R&B. He has recently released a new single titled, ‘Happy.’

Story Behind the Song — ‘HAPPY’
‘Sometimes life brings so much hardship, struggle and pain but experiencing happiness during those low tides helps us to rise again. The simple things in life if reflected upon, can give one happiness. To be happy doesn’t always mean that life is perfect, but rather in the midst of the storm you can find peace. Each season in life is meaningful and happiness is something God desires for us, but we must choose to be happy. The rain makes you appreciate the sun, the darkness makes you appreciate the light, and the summer heat makes you appreciate the cool fall. Just to be alive is something to be thankful for, to be able to breathe or walk is a reason to be grateful. It means God has purpose for your existence and in Him you’ll find peace and joy.’ —K-Anthony

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