Dallas, TX (May 4, 2022)
Gateway Worship Español, a worship music collective that brings together the voices and songs of the Spanish artist community within Dallas/Fort Worth-based Gateway Church, one of the largest and most influential churches in North America, releases its debut, full-length album, Grande Y Fiel (Great And Faithful), May 20 from Gateway Music with global distribution form Integrity Music. The 12-song album and companion video were recorded live at Gateway Southlake and features Daniel Calveti, Julian and Becky Collazos, Christine D’Clario, Lilly Goodman, Travy Joe, Josh and Luis Morales of Miel San Marcos, Julissa Rivera, Armando Sanchez, and Coalo and Lorena Zamorano.

The lead single from Grande Y Fiel, ‘Poderoso Dios (Grande Y Fiel),’ which translates to ‘Mighty God (Great and Faithful)’ in English, has already been streamed across multiple platforms well over one million times.

“‘Poderoso Dios (Grande Y Fiel)’ is an expression of our adoration to the only one who deserves all the glory,” shares Luis Morales. “1 Chronicles 29:11 says: ‘Yours, O Lord, are the greatness, the power, the glory, the victory and the majesty. All that is in heaven and on earth is yours, O Lord, and this is your kingdom. We adore you as the one above all things.’

‘Poderoso Dios (Grande Y Fiel)’ Video:

Grande y Fiel (Great and Faithful)
Tu eres Rey (You are King)
Cordero Santo, poderoso (Holy Lamb, mighty)
Poderoso Dios (Mighty God)
(“Poderoso Dios (Grande Y Fiel)” chorus with English translation)

This single, and the full Grande Y Fiel album, represents the heart of Gateway Worship Español, which is to bless the Spanish-speaking nations with lyrics, music and more resources in their own language. All of the featured artists on the album participated in writing and recording the songs live during a celebratory night of worship and unity amidst thousands of people that packed the Gateway Southlake auditorium last fall. The celebration was also captured on video by an impressive team of audio, sound and lighting professionals and volunteers.

Grande Y Fiel (Great And Faithful) track list:
01) Siempre Me Sostiene (feat. Armando Sanchez)
02) En Cristo Puedo (feat. Josh Morales)
03) Poderoso Dios (Grande Y Fiel) (feat. Miel San Marcos)
04) Ven Satura (feat. Christine D’Clario)
05) Mi Pastor (feat. Julissa Rivera)
06) El Shaddai (feat. Christine D’Clario)
07) Cuanto Te Amo (feat. Armando Sanchez)
08) Te Anhelo (feat. Becky Collazos)
09) Eres Digno (feat. Daniel Calveti)
10) Santo Es Tu Nombre (feat. Lilly Goodman)
11) Reinas Para Siempre (feat. Coalo Zamorano)
12) Danzando (feat. Christine D’Clario, Daniel Calveti, Becky Collazos, Josh Morales & Travy Joe)

Visit: https://gatewayworship.com

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