Los Angeles, CA (May 7, 2021)
“It’s so much more simple than that…” highlights Atlanta-based group Futures new track, “Simple,” featuring Chloe Evans. Produced by Mark Griffiths, the group’s new single reminds us that faith isn’t as complicated as people can make it. It strips down the complexities down to one simple message, Jesus. This is the fourth track in the group’s release schedule for 2021 marking a very busy year for the team. With more coming, this group is not slowing down. The team shares the message of their new track.

“The most important message we carry is the access we have to the undeserved, unconditional love of God! We always make it more complicated than He ever wanted it to be because no other transaction in the world is like His love. We try to be nice, we try to be good, we try and earn it but all He really wants is our heart. This matters more than anything else & we’ve written the song in a way that the message would be accessible to audiences that desperately need to hear this truth.” —Futures



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