Luke Smallbone, one of the lead singers of for KING & COUNTRY took to social media to ask for prayers for his son, who was scheduled to undergo delicate reconstructive surgery to his skull.

On the for KING & COUNTRY Facebook page, co-lead singer Luke Smallbone conveyed the emotional response any father would have as his son would face such major surgery for such a small child. Even without much detail on the surgery itself, Luke still gave us an intimate insight into what the Smallbone family was going through…

Tomorrow (which would be January 9th) at 7:1 5am our sweet little Leo will have skull reconstruction surgery and would love it if you could pray for him and for us. I sit here 12 hours before we’ll leave for the hospital and I didn’t think I’d feel much. But I do. I so wish he didn’t have to walk through the physical pain, but the fact that he can have healing and restoration is a gift from God. The heartache that I’ve experienced makes me very grateful that God allowed Jesus to die for us because my love is a broken love (yet still I feel so much!) but God’s love, perfect. I wonder how much more God’s heart must have ached! Because of Jesus, my wife and I have this great hope and trust me..we cling to it tightly! -L

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The FISH radio reported here that Luke himself had suffered a long bout with colitis, but doctors told him late 2017 that the disease was in remission. One less burden to carry.

for KING & COUNTRY will be a part of The Roadshow 2018 tour, with their first performance scheduled for February 16, 2018 in Charlottesville, VA. It’s not known at this time whether Leo’s cranial surgery will affect the tour schedule.

The band, as well, as the Smallbone family would appreciate your prayers for Leo, the medical team performing the surgery, and the Smallbones.

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