Kansas City, MO (August 5, 2020)
Faced with the uncertainty brought on by social distancing and a delayed season, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz is finding his identity rooted in Christ by living for the Lord first and others second.

Like many athletes living with quarantine restrictions, Wentz is tempted to worry about the unknowns of preseason training camps and what the 2020 NFL season may look like during the coronavirus pandemic, according to an article posted by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

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Compounding the pressures shared by athletes across the sports world, Wentz lives in the shadow of his on-the-field successes, including leading the Eagles to the NFC East title last season and putting up a career-high 4,039 passing yards in 2019.

Wentz says he keeps both feet on the ground by learning to view himself primarily as a Christian and then a quarterback, and not the other way around.

“My identity is a follower of Christ,” Wentz said. “I’m not an athlete who follows Jesus. I’m a follower of Christ who is an athlete.”

Finding his identity in Christ has aligned the priorities of this all-pro quarterback from North Dakota to reflect service to God first, to his wife and daughter second, to his teammates third and to his foundation, Audience of One, fourth. Just as Wentz maintains his daily workout regimen, Wentz says that he maintains his focus on the Lord by reading his Bible daily.

“If I’m not grounded and rooted in the Word, it’s so easy for my identity to be consumed with my sport, because that’s what the world is telling you,” Wentz said. “That’s still something that you have to combat every day.”

“I’m not living my life for myself,” he continued. “I’m living it for the Lord first, and for others second.”

FCA provides coaches and athletes with the resources and support needed to find their identity 100% in Christ. Like any successful athlete, Wentz acknowledges that worthwhile achievements never come easy, and finding his identity in Christ is no exception—but it is the path to contentment.

“To ultimately just surrender and say, ‘God, You have control. I’m giving it to You’—that is where you’ll find the perfect peace, but that is the hardest place to get to be at the same time,” Wentz said.

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