CCM EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: Rusty Shipp ‘Bottom of the Barrel’

Christian rockers Rusty Shipp are back with their latest music video for ‘Bottom of the Barrel!’ The single is the band’s first release from their upcoming album Dark Side Of The Ocean—a concept album that continues the nautical rock theme of the band and takes the listener on an imaginative journey down to the bottom of the ocean, to the parts mankind has never ventured to, to see what secrets are waiting there. The group plans on releasing new singles from Dark Side Of The Ocean monthly until the album releases in November.

The song lyrics for ‘Bottom of the Barrel’ follow the sinking singer down to the bottom of the ocean where, in the black of the abyss, he is surprised to be met with light from the ocean floor inhabitants’ bioluminescence—a reminder that light and company exist even in the darkest parts of the world. True to the lyrics in the song, the music video shows the band rocking out at the bottom of the ocean as they gradually are transformed to reflect the ocean floor’s radiant bioluminescence. Be sure to keep an eye out for the special guest cameo during the guitar solo!

When asked about the main message of the song, singer and founder of the group, Russ T. Shipp, said, “The main line of the chorus is ‘Down at the bottom of the barrel, still your love is bottomless,’ and it’s so reassuring to know that when we get to whatever our bottom is, whatever our darkest state is, that God is literally infinite, omnipresent, and there with us in the furthest place we could possibly ever go, and beyond. And His love is with Him wherever He is, and He’s more loving and understanding than we can even fathom. He knows us and loves us better than we can even know or love ourselves.”

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