Nashville, TN (November 5, 2020)
Nashville-based singer/songwriters Ellie Holcomb and Jillian Edwards have teamed up to form the duo, The Dailys. The female duo will release a four-song EP on January 15, 2021. The debut a new single, “Falling Apart,” from the forthcoming EP. The special side-project is produced by their friend/producer/artist/poet Ben Shive.

Click here to listen to “Bring You Home”:

“One of my favorite things about Nashville is that some of my favorite musicians live here,” shares Ellie Holcomb. “The music making community in Nashville is a rich one, and sometimes…just sometimes …you get to collaborate with some of your favorite artists and people to make a project together. I got to write and record an EP of gorgeous songs with Jillian and Ben made them come to life in such a special way. Don’t miss these little gems. Our hope is that they’d bring beauty and joy to your daily routine.”

Both Holcomb and Edwards have become staple songwriters in the Nashville songwriter community over the years. They have co-wrote 10 songs together including songs that have also appeared on their individual solo projects.

“I’ve always loved the music we make together, and I’m so grateful to finally give these songs a home in The Dailys,” states Jillian Edwards. “Every time I’ve written with Ben and Ellie over the years, I walk away loving what we made together. I’m so happy to share these songs!”

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