Charlotte, N.C. (August 5, 2019)
Elevation Church recently released two new singles, extending the reach of their worship ministry with Elevation Rhythm, a new worship team specifically geared towards youth. This new music was created to represent and engage the youth and young adults of this generation.

Elevation Rhythm debuted recently with two singles, “Everything Everything” and “Never Walk Away.”

Watch the live performance video for “Never Walk Away.”

“Never Walk Away” Lyrics:
You are all that matters
The one I want
Longing just to know you
With all my heart

I throw my shame away
All of my sin erased
This isn’t the end of the story
I’ll trust in what you say
Told me I’ll be ok
It’s turning around for your glory

I know when the fight comes
Imma keep my head up, hey
You won’t let me down, let me down
With me in the middle
Middle of my battle, hey
You will never be the one to walk away

I was made to know you
From the start
Love without condition
Is who you are

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